Improve non-value adding Processes

Q: How do we apply makigami to improve non-value adding processes; or  processes that seem to be ‘working’ but in actual fact, value is diminishing, especially when general mindsets are “why change it if it’s working”

Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke?

A: Ah! Isn’t that a general problem for all those who want to improve things in an organization?
“Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” is merely a matter of fear and non understanding what is really going on. You wouldn’t fly aircrafts like that, right?

Imagine you work in petrochemical industry. How does the organization do this in your plants? Wait till it brakes down? Of course not!

Makigami visualizes the non-value adding process

Take this analogy. You would make a survey or assessment to see where the flaws or improvement opportunities are, and make a cost-profit analyses, right?

Well this is the beauty op Makigami: if you make a current state analysis, you would visualize not only your current process, but also its flaws and probably you get a pain in the stomach about the enormous improvement potential. Just do it with the people involved in the process it selves. Do not convince them, they will convince themselves ánd the management…

Increase Value time in Makigami

How can Value Time decrease after performing a Makigami process improvement?

Q: VA stands for ‘Value Added Time’ isn’t it?

So than how can it happen that, after we improve the process, this time decreases with 25%? Is that a mistake?

A: No, this is no mistake!

When analyzing the current state, tons of losses will become visible and lots of improvement opportunities and ideas will popup. So it is not unusual to discover that Value Adding activities can be performed in some other way, faster, more efficient etc. In such cases you will achieve the same value in less time!

Of course the trick would be to ‘cash’ this.
There are 2 possibilities:

  1. Creating the same value in less time = Efficiency gain. This can only be cashed if you do not need to pay for this time anymore.
  2. Creating more value in the same time= Effectiveness gain. The cost will stay the same, but you will have higher revenues from those costs.