Rules for Robust Process Design

The foundation for Robust  Processes

Design Rules

  • Data is collected as near at the source as possible
  • Who enters the date is owner
  • Who owns the data enters it
  • Who owns the data is responsible for its correctness
  • Who guarantees, is allowed to set requirements
  • Who performs a task guarantees its quality
  • Who can not guarantee the quality of its output is obligated to stop the process
  • Who detects a downstream failure, returns it to the previous step without correction
  • Who makes a mistake solves it
  • It is allowed to make a mistake ónce, in order to prevent it from ever re-occurring
  • The management guarantees a system that allows the employees to perform its task within spec


  • The shorter the throughput time, the less chance on disturbance.
  • Mistakes are chances for improvement; they are allowed ónce, not twice!
  • Any ‘Improvement’ that adds complexity is no improvement.
  • Just adding investments, technology, square feet or people is no improvement.
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