Checklist 'Specifications' for a robust process

How to detect process Flaws

The checkpoints below are a guideline to detect weak spots in your process, simply by analyzing just óne issue or problem.

To establish a stable and reliable process, for all relevant parameters all weak points have to be solved.


  1. Define a specific issue or problem
  2. Investigate and define the REAL needs of the customer (in respect of this issue)
  3. Define the desired output
  4. Define the parameters to judge the desired output
  5. Define the upper and lower limits for each of those parameters
  6. Describe how to measure/test/detect those values. (How can I see I am within spec?)
  7. Describe what conditions have to be met to keep those parameters within the limits
  8. Describe how to fulfill those conditions
  9. Design a VISUAL system to monitor the conditions AND the actual status of the parameters.
  10. Describe what to do when conditions or limits are not being met.
  11. Prove that all parties involved know about the above points and that they CAN act and stick to it.
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