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Chaos or order?

In the article about Koch’s curve, “fractal’s” have been mentioned.
At first glance a fractal seams to be a rather ‘random’ created pattern. For who doesn’t know any better it might even be described as somewhat chaotic.
What fascinates me is this subject:

  1. Is chaos really always chaos?
  2. Is ‘unpredictable’ really always unpredictable?
  3. Is indissoluble complexity really that complex?

Or is it just a matter of not knowing and thus not seeing the structure? Could it be, that there are in many of those ‘unpredictable, uncontrollable and chaotic’ situations somewhere a set of rules, an algorithm, that makes ‘chaotic’ situations transparent, (because at once we can see the structure) and fairly predictable thus controllable?
My real search is the answer to this question: How do theories and insights as given in nonlinear dynamics relate to Birds- and Heinrichs incident pyramid?
Since Tripod and Grothus’ studies we do know there seams to be something like ‘basic-risk factors‘ and even some kind of an estimate about its behaviour leading to all kind of incidents and disasters.