Robust Process Design

Building Processes for Zero Defect Operation

Is Zero Defect operation possible?

Of course there are also issues, there will always be something unexpected, and thing can and will go wrong. But should that lead to a defect, or worse, to an accident? What if we build a process that copes with such deviances?

Resilience Design: Things WILL go wrong!

Having a process that copes with abnormalities, keeps things within limits and never gets out of control: Can it be done? Can it work? How does this work?

Resilience design does it.

Process Structure Diagrams – PSD

When instead of using Flowchart using a PSD has a huge advantage: The PSD makes sure you design structural correct processes. Because it is simply not possible to draw a spaghetti process in a PSD! Simple, looks good and effective!

‘Process Control’ means:

To know in advance what the outcome will be

The fascination for this phenomenon is widely spread in Japan. Playing and searching for process control can be fun, as this video shows!

See below how what starts as a joyfull play can look like in a manufacturing environment. Afterwards see how it results in a Toyota factory. See the resembence?

Playing with Processes

…Now to real life manufacturing:

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