Isn’t it all just about cutting cost?

…or is there something else?

The traditional approach

This is the traditional approach: “When cutting cost, we earn money”. Mathematically this is true.

You step on the gauge and discover you are far too heavy, cut of a leg, gauge again and discover: ‘Aha that is better!’

A too simple reasoning? Indeed! And yet it is being applied over and over again. Look at the impact of many of such ‘cost cutting measures’ on the whole ‘system’. What were the consequences? All of them… Motivation, workload, loyalty, sustainability, quality etc… What was the long term effect?

! Eliminating losses is something quite different from cutting cost.

From ‘Cost Cutting’ to ‘Loss Elimination

When eliminating losses, the cost will automatically go down, while at the same moment the ‘system’ will run easier because it is freed from a burden.

But more important is the fact that eliminating losses means you have to know where the ‘value’ is hidden.
Eliminating losses cannot be done without having focus for the value.

In other words: having focus on the elements that make the difference for our existence.

This course has been written from a firm and unshakeable belief:

! Quality, Safety and Profit are a RESULT and not something that can be directly raised. There is no switch to turn on when quality, safety or profit are demanded. It is a predictable and inevitable result of something else: Solid and smart designed processes.
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