5.4 Present Results

Creating momentum for next steps

Why Present Results and What is the role of Management? 

It is the task of managers to know when to enable change and when to stick to the existing structure. Changing without enough preparation, acceptance and confidence to make it a success, will be expensive and dangerous.

Sticking to the current situation while change is needed can be evenly demotivating and dangerous…

Enabling or Inhibiting?

As long as you stick to existing structures, no real change and improvement is possible. The existing structure brought you where you are now. As well in a positive sense as in a negative sense.

Why stick to existing structures?

You may stick to a structure to become skillful, to learn. This is what ‘kata’ is about: it is a structure to allow you to practice your principles and to grow. However this assumes the structure is functional and ads a certain amount of value.

When to let go of existing structures?

  • As soon as the level of your practice has grown you can start all over: let go the structure and grow into a next level. 
  • Also if you see the existing structure is dysfunctional, if there is no space to grow, get rid of it.

Always stick to your principles

To keep growing hold tight to your principles. Defining and choosing the right principles is a matter of survival.

Although in the short term there might seem to be some gain, not sticking to basic principles always comes with a serious price.

 In Step 5.2 (Let go of old behavior you will find some of those principles. Hower I filled a complete booklet with them: Monozukuri Kata: Principles and Guidelines that can be acquired at Amazon

Book Monozukuri Principles and Guidelines by Arno Koch
! It is the task of the team to give management trust for change. This is why these presentations are so important. Here we synchronize all parties, challenge the quality of the work and gain trust for the changers and confidence for the changed processes. 

The value of a good sensei (Teacher/Guide)

Having the right teacher available might be making the difference;

  • As a manager he can give you confidence to stick to the current or jump into the future.
  • As a team-member, he should help you present ‘an offer no one can refuse’

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