Let go of Old Behavior!

Huge Challenges

What are the skills you probably need to practice?

‘That is not realistic!’

Because Makigami compares the process to a theoretical ideal, it is tempting to repeatedly claim that something is ‘impossible’ or ‘unrealistic’. However, that is not the question…
The real question is:

Where are the losses; where is the potential improvement?

As long as the root cause of a loss is not investigated, it is impossible for you to know whether it can or cannot be solved!


 What to stop with:

  • Learn to stop accepting (potential) losses!
  • Dare to make losses visible!
  • Stop saying ‘Yes, but…’!
  • Dare to think beyond the current reality (‘we will never be able to do that’)!
  • Never say ‘That is hardly realistic’ before you have carried out an in-depth investigation and can PROVE why it is so hard!!

In Step 5.4 (Present Results) we have seen the importance of the management fulfilling the right role.

Many organizations ‘play’ improvement

Only few study it…

Here are some principles that might be helpful:


In order to increase effectiveness:
Do not accept the situation as long as it is not ideal.


There are no excuses for not being ideal;
there are merely causes of losses that must be eliminated!


In order to gain a high yield from the information,

attention and support on the part of management are essential.

Basis for successful Improvement:

No excuses
No Blame

Everyone’s commitment

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