Implementation: Keep all Parties Involved

Effect = Quality x Acceptance

Keep ‘selling’ the problem

In Step 4 the 100 days Implementation Plan was finalized and presented to all participants AND the (upper) management. 

Do NOT proceed without the clear commitment of your management. It is not your task to fight your management. It is the task of your management to support you, achieving improvements!

Take your time to keep explaining: What is the problem you want to solve.

On every ‘Yes But…’ keep reminding: ‘I hear what you say, however we no longer can afford to have have the customer waiting 3 weeks for a quotation’

Sell the problem first,

before you sell a solution!

Show where we go and where we are

Have a clear timeline for your 100 days Implementation Plan. Make it VERY VISIBLE: Use the walls in public places, in a meeting room, the coffee machine etc. as a communication board where everyone can see the progress of the implementation.

Communicate progress

Have a short weekly progress-session with the team. This might be incorporated as a short agenda point in another meeting. Just make sure the transition keeps having focus and priority!

    • Let ALL stakeholders keep asking questions: take concerns serious, however do not let them divert you from proceeding towards the first trials. 
    • If needed, keep reminding everybody there has been given a clear assignment to get this done by the higher management. “John wants us to do this; he expects us to show the results in 4 weeks!”
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