4.2 Present Plan: Go or NoGo

Gain support from management and all involved parties

How to inform and gain support from Upper-Management and stakeholders

Effect = Quality x Acceptance. Have your plan for change accepted by all participants AND have support of the (upper) management. 

  • At the end of the analysis week, present the results to all stakeholders:
    • What losses did your find? What problems did you identify?
    • How much potential improvement is there?
    • What is the proposal for the future state?
    • What results will you aim for?
    • Where do you ask permission for?
    • What support do you need from your management?
    • How convinced it the team this result is achievable?
  • Let ALL stakeholders ask critical questions: Check you did not forget things?
    • Where needed add issues to the 100 Days Plan
  • Ask permission IN PUBLIC to start implementation by running the 100 Days Plan.

Why Present Plan and What is the role of Management?

  1. You need a formal GO to execute your plan.
  2. It is the task of managers to know when to enable change and when to stick to the existing structure. Changing without enough preparation, acceptance and confidence to make it a success, will be expensive and dangerous. It is not your task to inform the mnagement what they need to support but also actively ask for this support. When this support is not given you can not start executing!

the current plan needs support in order to be able to succeed… This presentation is a crucial moment in this journey for change!


! It is the task of the team to give management trust for change. This is why these presentations are so important. Here we synchronize all parties, challenge the quality of the work and gain trust for the changers and confidence for the changed processes. 

Make sure ALL stakeholders are present/represented during the team presentation!

Make sure they ALL understand what is the problem; what are the causes and how you are going to improve the situation! 

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