Making the 100 days Improvement plan

What should be in the plan?

What should be in the plan ?

1. How to make all Activities reliable

Review each activity in the Future State:

  • Can this be performed flawlessly by the person who should do it? What is needed to do so?
  • What could go wrong? Can it be prevented? What to do when this happens?
  • Is there a ‘backup person’ to perform the task?

2. How to make all transfers at INTERFACES reliable

Review each point where information is passed from one person to another:

  • Are there clear, unambiguous specifications what data should be transferred when and how?
  • Do sender and receiver understand and agree upon this?
  • Are the media to store and transport this information accessible, reliable, simple to use?
  • Are there redundant systems, places where data is stored twice? How to merge/eliminate them?
  • Will data flow like water through the river: Always on time, correct and complete?

3. How to write the 100 Days Plan

Set your point on the horizon: Where do you want to be in 100 Days (3 months)?

  • Set the date, define the audience for the presentation of your results. This gives you a sense of urgency.
  • Group- and prioritize all ToDo’s: Which issues are crucial, which nice to have?
  • Which can be done on the fly, which need consent of (upper) management?
  • Who does what by when?
  • Start with ground-laying issues; things that should be done anyway.
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