3.6 After you are done...

before you start

Is your Future State Design OK?

Ok, now you designed your new process. How do you know it is OK? Could it be done even better? 

  1. Is throughput 50-90% faster?
  2. Did you reduce transfers by more then 70%?
  3. Will output errors go down by 90-100%?
  4. Will you add 100-500% more value?

At least 3 out of 4 should be true. Implementing a new process, one way or the other, is time consuming. So do it right in order to gain its revenues year after year!

When -for whatever reason- you do not gained these improvements, let us help you! It is worthwhile!


How good is the new process design? 

To be honest: This is not so easy to determine; it requires quite some expertise.

At this point, before the implementation, it would be a good deal to let an expert review the new process in order:

1. To make sure you are not dragging larger losses into your new process

2. To check the process on structural correctness: i.e. Will it hold stand when exceptions occur?

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