(How to) improve non-value adding processes?

Should you make a makigami for such a process?

What to do when the whole process doesn’t add any value?

Should you apply makigami to improve non-value adding processes?

Option 1: There is no value in the process.

Of course you could kick it completely out. But wait… probably this process is a symptom of some problem. What was tried to be achieved here? What is the underlying problem that should be solved with this process?

As soon as this is revealed, design a complete new process that solves the original problem.

Option 2: What to do if the mindset is: “why change it if it’s working”

Ok, so the process seems to be ‘working’ but in actual fact, value is diminishing. The general mindsets is “why change it if it’s working”? Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke?

“Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” is merely a matter of fear and non understanding what is really going on. You wouldn’t fly aircrafts like that, right?

Imagine you work in petrochemical industry. How does the organization do this in your plants? Wait till it breaks down? Of course not!

Makigami visualizes the non-value adding process

Whenever you assume a process has no value, use the current state analysis to show it.

Show the team and the management not only how your current process works, but also its flaws and hopefully everyone gets a pain in the stomach about the enormous improvement potential.

Just do it with the people involved in the process it selves. Do not convince them, Just do the analysis: they will convince themselves ánd the management…

This works however only when there is a value adding future state. Why? You will need to take away the fear to lose the job!

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