Strategies to create Future State

You probably redesign the process only once…
Make sure to do the best you can! You will enjoy it for a long time…

There are 3 different strategies to create your ‘future state’:

1. Pick the low hanging fruits and improve bit by bit

After your current-state analysis: Pick all the low-hanging fruit first and eliminate the losses bit by bit. This would be the classic ‘Japanese approach’.

I do not suggest this strategy: Once you start changing (core) processes, do it right. Most of our processes proof to be SO full of waste, it is faster and more reliable to completely redesign the process. 

2. Re-use the Current Value Activities in a new process

Design a new process based on the current value-activities (the ‘green post-its form the current state analysis). Take all the value-steps and apply ‘ECSR’[1] to the those activities.

This works fine. However there is an even better strategy:

3. The ‘Pink Cloud’ design

Based on all the knowledge gained about the current process, its losses and values, allow our team to think ín ANd out of the box: Design a complete new process and add as much value as possible.

The further you improve your process, the more important your principles will become.

NEVER ever bargain on your principles:

One day sooner or later (mostly sooner…) you will pay for it…

To experience sustainable growth, the appliance of your principles is crucial. From the start. Compare it to building a house: If you bargain on your foundation, you will regret it later on…

Let’s Start!


[1] ECSR: Eliminatie, Combine, Simplify, Reduce
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