1.4 Write down all actors

In the first column, all actors playing a role in the current process are listed. The first actor is the customer.

When there are more actors than lines: just add an extra form!

Later, you will be looking for all the moments where people transfer data. Keep that in mind when selecting actors!

The sequence is not really important.
Just try to put them ‘in order of appearance’

27 actors in this process…. Not really an exception! 

The list needs not to be complete or fully correct. During the mapping it may be enhanced, therefore the use of post-its!


A standard post-it is 3×3 inch. The lines on the Makigami form you may have downloaded at www.makigami.info are 1 inch high. For best readability please cut the post-its to 1 inch height.

When a computer-system seems to be an actor

Some computer-systems act as an actor, in fact they are more or less programmed to replace real people. In such cases we would no longer regard the system as a data carrier, that is being used to transport data from one desk to the other, but we could see it as a desk, an actor, it selves. I tend to identify systems like SAP as an ‘actor’ and put post-it’s on the line when SAP [calculates forecast] or [proposes something].

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