Start and End of process artificial decision

Where are ‘Start’ and ‘End’?

When does the process starts?

Where does it ‘ends’

When does our process starts?

Define the starting-point of the process. Since most processes are tightly connected with others, this may be a somewhat artificial ‘cut’. I suggest you define a clear signal, an easy recognizable point to be called ‘start of process’. Some examples:

  • First day of the month (i.e. monthly closure process)
  • Customer requests quotation (quotation process)
  • Alarm signal sounds (Evacuation)
  • customer calls 0800-callcenter.

start and end of process

When do we consider the process ‘ready’?

Try to find a clear ‘end-point’ that makes sense form a value point of view:

Is it good enough when a product is just shipped, or should it be shipped ánd the invoice be send?

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