Data Carriers

How are Data being transferred?
Preparation 8: Collect Data Carriers

Have examples of forms, screens etc.

What is a ‘Data Carrier’?

In the process, data is being transferred from one person to the next.

The medium used to do so is a ‘data-carriers’.

This could be a form, a screen, fax, email, telephone-call, etc.

How to collect Data Carriers? 

  • Ask one team member to collect all relevant forms, labels, screens
    etc. that are being used to transfer data and information between the actors in the process. This will help and safe time later when the team is together.

From action to action ask yourselves:

  • Where is the data in this action being stored?
  • How is it being transferred to the next step?

Make a copy of the document screen or whatever it is that carries the data, and put it in a binder.

Sometimes, the data-carrier is an empty box or crate, or a location (Two-bin and FiFo buffers): A nice picture will do!

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