Makigami Team-Kit Content

These are the materials a team needs to make a Makigami
Preparation 7: Course Materials

Make a team-Kit for each Team

Per team, 1 team-kit is needed:

Team-kit, including:

  • Pair of Scissors
  • Pritt
  • Crepe Tape
  • Postits Yellow
  • Postits Green
  • Postits Red
  • Postits Blue
  • Marker thin point Red, Blue, Green (i.e Edding 3000)
  • Marker fat point Red, Blue, Green (i.e. Edding 500)
  • A4 Red, Yellow, Green
  • Makigami A0:
    • 2 head
    • 2 tail
    • 4 or more middle sections

For the Team Presentation:

When the team(s) will do their presentation(s) in a different room as where they were working, the makigami’s will have to be transported and quickly displayed for the audience. 

For this, provide them with boards and stands to prepare their presentation materials: Make it easy to set up the presentation quickly.

Makigami team Presentation
  • 3 boards 244×122 or similar (Pallet Cartons may do the job fine!)
  • 3 flip-over stands to put boards on
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