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Start quickly and structured with the right forms

Preparation 6:
Download- and print Makigami Forms

Download the template

Have them printed on A0 format

Why use paper instead of computer…?

This commonly asked question should be turned around:

Why use a multi-thousand euro/dollar costing computer and software instead of a 10 euro paper form?

Perhaps at this moment you will not believe me, but the most important reason not to use a computer is because when the ‘map’ is ready you could throw it away…

Making the map is merely a psychological process to ‘tune’ the team-members and to let them gain inside knowledge about the process. Making this map, they will change their perspective; they will never be able to look at this process in the way they did before. The change in the head is irreversible.

Documenting the map

The argument ‘when making it in the computer it can be documented and stored easy’ can be simply overcome: Take pictures of the form!

Facilitating the team process

But most important: Using paper on the wall will facilitate a positive team dynamic. Instead of one person operating the computer and the others watching, with the paper on the wall, the  participants will much easier ‘jump into the process, start discussions, point out issues etc. Just try it!

What’s on a Makigami Form?

A basic makigami template consists of 5 area’s:

  1. Activities performed by all involved parties
  2. Documents/media used in communication
  3. Communication lines
  4. Time-analysis
  5. Identified problems

Makigami Template as PDF form

The Makigami template (or forms) are downloadable in PDF format and can be printed on A0 format.

Every better copy-shop should be able to do so for you.

In the PDF you will find 3 forms

  1. the ‘head’ section
  2. a ‘middle’ section
  3. a ‘tail’ section

Makigami template – Head (left) section

Start with this form. You’ll need one for the current state and one for the future state

Makigami template – middle section

The Middle Section can be extended as long as you need. for a typical current state of a current state count on appx 3-10 middle sections.

Makigami Template – Tail (right) Section

Just like the startsection, you will need one for the current state and one for the future state. Usually, in the future state no middle sections are needed.

Click here to open the PDF files and save them to your computer:

MAKIGAMI FORM A0 (Deutsch – German)
MAKIGAMI FORM A0 (Nederlands – Dutch)
MAKIGAMI FORM A0 (Francais – French)

If you need different languages, please provide us with a translation and we will post a translated version for you.

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