Preparation 4: Find a suitable place to work

Make your team feel comfortable

Give them a space where they can perform

When: 3 months till at latest 6 weeks before start


Have a dedicated space for the week

Since you will work probably a week with a team of 5 to 7 persons, having lots of charts posted to the walls, it comes handy when having a dedicated room for the whole period of time.

Have a chair for each participant.

Have a large wall available

Make sure the room has a large wall where the Makigami-papers can be posted in a way all participants can see it.

Prevent/avoid disturbance

When possible, have a room where the team will not be disturbed: You do not want to work in a place where other people walk in and out, with high levels of noise, etc.

Working with Parallel Teams

When working with multiple parallel teams, guided by a facilitator, make sure the rooms are not too far separated in order for the facilitator to be able to walk around appx. once an hour to each team.

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