What is ‘Nagare’?

Nagare means: ‘Flow, flowing like a river’.

To create loss free processes, it is the goal to make things flow in a natural way, to make the workplace come alive where you can see its heart beat and feel its tempo.

To understand ‘Nagare’ better, it may be helpful find out whether you know how it feels to be ‘in flow’.

Musicians know it: when the music just flow out of the hands; not the hands make the music, it just flows form the mind into the instrument.

Sailors know it when the boat gets into ‘planée’; when everything is exactly right, the boat starts to glide, to float óver the water.

A beautiful explanation is given by Bruce Lee in the video below: “Be like Water”

You will see here what ‘flow’ looks like when used by an absolute expert: He strikes a thrown match with the tip of his nunchucks (‘fighting sticks’) and plays ping pong with it against two players…

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