What is ‘Mizenboshi’?

Mizenboshi means: Prevent problems to be able to manifest; stop a problem before it exists.

Mizenboshi is the process of organizing work in a way that before a problem is going to occur it is already detected.

In order to prevent the problem from occurring, countermeasures are automatically taken.

Controlling process parameters instead of final product

With Mizenboshi, the aim is not to check the product after it has been produced.

Instead, the relevant quality parameters that lead to a correct product are monitored while producing. If a deviation of the parameters is detected, that might eventually lead to a defective product, a measure is taken.

In the case of Jidoka this means the process is stopped BEFORE it can result in a defective product. Of course this would lead to an availability-loss. But this has two advantages:

  1. No product is lost (No Quality-loss)
  2. Immediate focus to the specific parameter that was deviating and threatening the products quality


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