Why Makigami?

What is the Purpose of making a Makigami Process Map?

To visualize, analyze and improve ANY business Process!

‘In only 6% of the situations where something goes wrong,
it can directly be assigned to a person.
In the other 94% is due to the system
where this person was acting in’

 The quote above is from Dr Deming. It means: We place people in systems where the system invites us to make mistakes rather than preventing them…

If we study this carefully, the truth seems to be that in 100% of adverse effects, this seems to be the true! Why? Because people always act according to the system they are being placed into…

Finding losses in processes

The purpose of a Makigami process map is to visualize the current process in offices, laboratories, hospitals: Any place where the ‘product’ is not directly visible or physical.

Team working on a Makigami Process Map


What can I do with Makigami?

Analyse and visualize ANY business process

Makigami Process Mapping is used to analyze and visualize any ‘business’ process and is very suitable to use in environments, where processes are usually not transparent. Any of the ‘7 deadly losses’ may (and will) become visible.

Analyse and Reveal all Losses

After visualising the process, the most important purpose of using a Makigami, is to visualize the LOSSES, so anything that consumes resources yet does not value.

Start a Makigami Analysis by downloading your Makigami Template Excel

Create new processes; design a future state

The Makigami Process Map is being used to improve the investigated process by designing a future state map after taking away the identified losses.

Activate the implicit knowledge of the team

There is virtually no problem that can not solved using the knowledge and creativity of your own crew. To free up this is one of Makigami’s powerful secrets.

Systemic Thinking

The Makigami process map, almost automatically brings an organization towards ‘systemic thinking and working’.

presenting results of a makigami process map

The Makigami Method is a simple and easy to use tool. However, it is the basic vehicle towards a completely different approach of support- and administrative organizations. As such, it is the key-instrument towards a systemic -or if you wish a holistic- view of the organization and its surrounding. Well performed sessions can be the starting point to the true next level of successful organizations.

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