Where to use Makigami Process Analyses?

Use it for value-streams in any visual and non-visual process

‘Makigami is basically a very structured Value Stream Map.
It is designed to be used on non-visual processes like in offices.’ 

Visual versus Non-Visual processes

In a factory, one can walk through the process, make observations and count stock, WIP, cycle-times etc.; in an office many things need to be simulated or grasped form in-direct observations or interviews.

To comfort this process of visualizing an invisible process, the Makigami supports and guides.

Levels for Makigami Analysis

 Makigami can be applied on several levels in the organisation:

Processes within a group of people

Makigami Process Mapping is used 

Processes within a department

After visualising the process, the most important purpose of using a Makigami, is to visualize the LOSSES, so anything that consumes resources yet does not value.

Processes flowing through several divisions or departments

The Makigami Process Map is being used to improve the investigated process by designing a future state map after taking away the identified losses.

Inter company transfers between companies in a multinational

There is virtually no problem that can not solved using the knowledge and creativity of your own crew. To free up this is one of Makigami’s powerful secrets.

I would suggest to use it to the extend where several people are involved; in other words where transfers occur between several parties.

When you need to dive deeper and analyse the process on the level of óne ‘desk’, I would suggest to use the Process Structure Diagram (PSD)

Makigami or Value Stream Map (VSM)?

Makigami IS a Value Stream Map, however it is more structured.

I also use Makigami as the tool for classical VSM analyses in factories, to gain a process oriented view. In the beginning this ‘feels’ strange because the team usually is not acquainted to ‘think in process-flows’, but once taken this hurdle, it helps enormous to see where the flow has its obstacles!

presenting results of a makigami process map

The Makigami Method is a simple and easy to use tool. However, it is the basic vehicle towards a completely different approach of support- and administrative organizations. As such, it is the key-instrument towards a systemic -or if you wish a holistic- view of the organization and its surrounding. Well performed sessions can be the starting point to the true next level of successful organizations.