Can Value Time decrease in future State?

Should it not go up?

(How) Can Value-time decrease in the Future State process?


“After making our future state, not only the throughput time decreased, also the Value Adding time decreased. Did we make a mistake?”

When analyzing the current state, tons of losses will become visible and lots of improvement opportunities- and ideas will popup.

So it is not unusual to discover that also Value Adding activities can be performed in a faster, easier or different way, which results in the same output in shorter time.

    The idea is to replace all the gained time with extra value-adding activities. However, when there is no need- or desire to add extra value as a replacement for the gained time, you will achieve the same value in less time!

    Of course the trick would be to ‘cash’ this.
    There are 2 possibilities:

    1. Creating the same value in less time

        ✔ Efficiency gained. This can only be cashed if you do not need to pay for this time anymore.

    2. Creating more value in the same time

        Effectiveness gained. The cost will stay the same, but you will have higher revenues from those costs.