Step 0: Preparing Makigami Analysis

Prepare the analysis to provide a good foundation

Preparing a Makigami Analysis will give better results faster!

Preparation should not take more then halve a day. 

Have a team that is as diverse as possible.

What to prepare?


Choose a Process

  1. Don’t be afraid: Select a process that makes a difference.
  2. Define a clear start- and end point.

Select the right Team members

  1. Have people from different disciplines and hierarchies.
  2. Make sure to have a 360 degree view on the process.
  3. Include suppliers and customers when relevant.

Find the right place to work

  1. Offer the team a comfortable, quite place to work.
  2. Make sure the team will not be disturbed by the running business
  3. Shut off all phones and computers. Make agreements how and when to make calls.

Find all Data Carriers

Make copies of all used documents and screens in the process

Download Makigami Form template and print on A0

  1. Download the form in the language you need
  2. Send to copy-shop to print on A0 format