Step 4: Make a 100 Days Improvement Plan

Using the momentum to achieve a successful transition from current to future state

Implement the Future State with a 100 Days Plan

During the Analysis stage, everybody is usually focused and enthusiastic.

And then the day to day life starts again. New priorities pop up, we are very busy again, surviving the daily madness.

This is why you need a solid plan, a tight time-line and a good manager: No Goal without a Plan!


How to make a 100 Days Makigami Implemention Plan?

Find all todo's for each ACTIVITY

Go through each (value adding) activity. What needs to be done to be able to execute this in a fast, reliable and easy way?

Find all todo's for each TRANSFER

Whenever one party transfers his part of the job to somebody else, check out: What needs to be done to make this happen? Always in time, correct and complete?

Setup a Time-Line for all todo's

Organize the ToDo’s: WHo should deliver WHAT WHEN? Make sure every party knows and understands its task(s).

Find support form the upper-management

Organize a team presentation for management and stakeholders: Show: 

  • What is the problem?
  • What will be the improvement?
  • What needs to be done?
  • What does it take?
  • ASK: ‘What do you need to allows use executing the plan?
  • GO!