International Format for Process Improvement Case Descriptions

International Format for
Process Improvement CASE DESCRIPTIONS

Name of the Process

Start Situation

General Process Description
General description of the process
Why this process needed to be improved
What at are the problems?
How severe are those problems
What is known?
ISO meets Reality?
Is there a target to aim for?


KPI Comparison

Current State

Designed Future State

Realized Future State

% +/-

Throughput time Average
Value Added Time
Non Value Added Time
# Forms/Data carriers
# Transfers
# Proces Touches
#Transactions Total
Correct & Complete
Cost per Transaction


Opinions – Responses – Experiences
Customer(s) to the process
Person who gave assignment
People who work in process
Improvement Team


Essence of the solution/improvement


Estimation of the value of this improvement (in money or auditable outcome)

According to Future State Design


Direct costs
Cost in earlier/later process
Improved Revenues

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