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How Long does a Makigami Analysis Take?

Makigami Analysis Duration

Time Needed The Makigami Method is simple. However the mapped process can be quite complex. The duration of a Makigami Analysis depends on the complexity of the process and the experience of the participants. When correct facilitated, a session will take app. 3 to 10 days.  to perform a full Makigami Process Mapping. This now includes a draft implementation plan and ToDo list.   The actual team-based analysis takes some (simple) preparation.


(Why) is makigami difficult? The time consuming part is the preparation before implementation.
This takes a good deal of communication with all the involved parties.  The new process usually is fundamentally different from the old one!
People tend to think in ‘tasks’ or ‘functions’, rather than in ‘processes’ or even ‘systems’. Also taking the perspective of value and particularly value to the customer usually needs a paradigm shift that may take a while.

When can we see Results?

Sustainable Results Major changes can be achieved within 2 or 3 months. However the real change of attitude and internalization of ‘new behavior’ can take much longer. This needs an ongoing focus of the management.
When drowning in organized losses, this can be quite a challenge…

Consider this: When you can afford all those losses, you could not afford to eliminate them…?? Isn’t that the main task of being a manager? Just start doing it, it is worth while!

Finding Help

A skilled facilitator often proves to be essential to

  • help the team to achieve a thorough future state AND 100 day implementation plan within a few days
  • acquire involvement of support-staff and responsible management
  • guide the team through the implementation-phase
  • prevent from falling back to old behavior
  • challenge the sustainability of the new way of working