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The Purpose of Makigami


The Makigami process map, visualizes the current process in offices, laboratories, hospitals: Any place where the ‘product’ is not directly visible or physical.

An office is a factory for information. Since the product -and the waste- is not directly visible, it usually has even more losses than any other factory. The same goes for other service providers.

Makigami Process Mapping is used to analyze and visualize any ‘business’ process and is very suitable to use in environments, where processes are usually not transparent.

Any of the ‘7 deadly losses’ may (and will) become visible.

The Makigami Process Map also can be used to improve the investigated process by designing a future state map after taking away the identified losses.

Systemic Thinking

The Makigami process map, is the first basic technique in a wider approach to bring an organization towards ‘systemic thinking and working’.

Dr Deming once said:

‘In only 6% of the situations where something goes wrong,
it can directly be assigned to a person.
In the other 94% is due to the system where this person was acting in’

In other words: We place people in systems where the system invites us to make mistakes rather than preventing them…

If we study this carefully, the truth seems to be that in 100% of adverse effects this seems to be the case, because people always act according to the system they are being placed into…