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How to distinguish Value from Non-Value

Q: What is Value adding versus Waste?

Let’s take an example: when I make an email for an another department, what is Value adding and what is Waste during this activity, same for the people who will receive the email and read it?

3 reasons to do something

A: There are 3 reasons to do something in your company:

  1. It makes the primary process (your conversion, say ‘the line’or ‘the machine’) run more efficient or more effective. (I see no way how an email makes this happen…)
  2. It does not influence the line, but it makes the customer happy. (May I assume the customer does not care about this email?)
  3. Now, if the customer does not care and the line is not running better, there can only be one more reason to do it: It is a legal obligation (no, not some company rule but really LEGAL and please take law-book with it to check what it says).
    Since in my country there are no legal obligations as far as I now to send emails… draw your conclusion!

Organizing problems versus eliminating problems

Now please refrain from all kind of mind constructions how emails make machines run better… that is all just organizing problems instead of eliminating them.

Ask your selves: Who needs what information to do what, that really really needs to be done otherwise the company falls apart… And how can he get it in most optimal way. Now emails are extremely rare to be value creating….

– you may not get the answer you like, but maybe, just maybe you get the answer you need… –

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