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Improvements with Makigami


Throughput time of virtually any process can dramatically be improved by using the makigami method. The improvements with makigami affect throughput time, errors, process stability, cost and more.

improvements with makigami

In virtually any value adding process,  95 to 99,5% of the time is non-value adding. It is such non-value adding time that is being identified and eliminated through the analyses in the makigami sessions.

Most process have many transfer points (one desk to the other) that can be can be eliminated. This leads to less waiting time and particularly to less errors.

The improvements with makigami workshops typically show how historically grown processes become transparent, fast and more stable by taking out the identified losses.
improvements with makigami
Throughput time
50% – 90% faster
90% less
Output errors
90% – 100% less
Value added time
If the time stays the same, quality of output goes drastically up. For the same output, the VA time sometimes can go down 25% or more.
The improvements with makigami sessions free up lots of time currently used for non-value adding activities. This time that now becomes available, can be reinvested in the addition of extra value: Often things we would like to do, but did not find the time for – or it can be used for new loss-reduction activities.
In this way the negative spiral of ‘starvation due to cost-cutting’ can be turned around in ‘profit growth due to becoming better and better’ -in other words real continuous improvement.