Checklist Goals & Targets

People watch your feed, not your lips!

How to set Goals & Targets

1. What are the companies Goals (Targets we should move ahead for)

2. What are the companies Rules (Lines we should move within)

3. Are the goals correctly translated for every department, every line, every team?

  • Does everyone knows what the critical targets are?
  • Does everyone knows what the current status is?
  • Does everyone knows what the gap between the current and desired situation looks like (what are the losses?)
  • Does everyone knows the actions to follow to close the gap?
  • Is there a plan to do so?
  • Where and how can we see the progress (or lack of it)
  • What are the priorities?
  • What are the criteria to prioritize?

 4. Are all those parties correctly aligned?

  • Do goals between teams/departments etc. match?
  • Do they positively or negatively interfere?
  • When adding the goals of a lower level, do they add up to meet the goal of the higher level?
  • Are we able to detect sub-optimization?

5. Is there a visual system to follow the complete goal setting?

6. Is there a visual system to follow the progress of improvements? 

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