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You do not have to be an Einstein to manage an organization, a company, or a process.

But… you DO have to have a deep understanding of the process you try to manage…

And it is even worse: It is NOT your task to keep the process running; the day to day operation should be a given, it should also run when you are out of the office.

So what i­s your task as a manager? Your task is to ‘simply’ manage the IMPROVEMENT of your organization; you are a manager of CHANGE. If not you do not add value to your organization!

Disagree? Chocked? Insulted? Let’s have a look!

How many layers of manager does your organization counts?

  • How many percent of their time do they delight the customer?
  • What do they really do to make the primairy process perform better?
  • What do they do to fulfill legal obligations?

Is there anything (anything!) else you can do to justify your salary?? Ok; lets start adding value then!