Patient Charter

'Putting the patient first' in Healthcare; What does that mean??

What should be the goal when improving care processes?

every person would like to have a nice life. We all seek as much quality of life as possible.’

As soon as our health leaves something to be desired, it has a tremendous impact on the quality of our lifes.’ 

Patient Charter: What is ‘Quality of Care’?

1. Access to Care

The first thing I wish for myself is access to good care whenever I need it.

2. Restore- maintain- or improve Quality of Life

This means:

  • It is determined quickly and adequately what is going on so that I do not have to live in uncertainty for an unnecessarily long time.
  • There is good and honest consultation with me about what the options are and how WE are going to address my problem together.
  • I know what I can do myself and what will happen to help me.
  • When my behavior does not support my needed care, why that is will be examined and I will be addressed as appropriate.
  • All necessary actions are taken one after the other in a smooth process.
  • Nothing will happen to me that will make me worse than I already am. So:
    • Everyone knows who I am (so I will not be confused)
    • Everyone knows where left and right are. (so I will not be mixed up)
    • Even when I have to lie down for a long time I remain pressure ulcer free
    • I get the right medication in the right dose at the right time and never in the wrong combinations
    • I can enjoy a good (night) rest
    • I will not fall
    • I am well nourished
    • I am provided with optimal pain relief when needed
    • Wounds made in the care facility will not be infected

3. Trust

I can blindly trust:

  • that the healthcare professionals not only know their job, but also that the care processes are solid enough that I don’t have to fear mistakes. (After all, I don’t have to be afraid when I fly either)
  • that the care I receive is the right and the best; should there be a better place for me I am offered the choice.
  • under your supervision, nothing will happen that is not in my interest.
  • that wherever something would go wrong:
    • You will make full disclosure.
    • You will limit and repair the damage as quickly as possible.
    • You will perform a root-cause analysis, and will take measures to ensure that this failure never occurs again.
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