Healthcare Provider Charter

In what kind of environment can a caregiver optimally thrive??

To take care of the patient : What does the healthcare provider need?

every person would like to have a nice life. We all seek as much quality of life as possible.’

Taking care of the patient means: taking care of the healthcare provider first.

Healthcare Provider Charter: What is ‘Quality of Providing Care’?

1. Being able to provide Care

  • I can act from my autonomy as a professional
  • I am connected to my colleagues, the patient and third parties through our common goal: the quality of life of the patient.
  • The system within which I work supports my -and our- work optimally.
  • I can-and will-adhere to guiding principles that provide the right direction at all times in unusual or abnormal situations
  • The guidelines and standards of our field make my work more secure and our mutual cooperation easier and more effective.
  • The cooperation with others in the system is fluent and in full coordination with each other

 2. Providing Quality of Life

With my presence I ensure recoverypreserving or improving the quality of life of our patient

This means:

  • It is determined quickly and adequately what is going on so that I do not have to live in uncertainty for an unnecessarily long time.
  • There is good and honest consultation with me about what the options are and how WE are going to address my problem together.
  • I know what I can do myself and what will happen to help me.
  • When my behavior does not support my needed care, why that is will be examined and I will be addressed as appropriate.
  • All necessary actions are taken one after the other in a smooth process.

I will do no harm; Nothing will happen that will make the patient worse than he already is. So:

  • I will make sure to know who he is and what he needs where and when correctly.
  • I will stop ‘doing’ whenever I am no longer sure the outcome will be correct.
  • I will keep the patient pressure ulcer free
  • I will apply the right medication in the right dose at the right time and never in the wrong combinations
  • I will make sure the patient can enjoy a good (night) rest
  • I will prevent the patient from falling
  • I will nourished the patient well
  • I will provide optimal pain relief when needed
  • I will keep wounds made in the care facility free from infections

3. Trust

I can trust blindly

  • Whenever I cannot do my job correctly or even made mistakes, I can and should report this because then the root causes will be investigated and eliminated. I shall never have to make the same mistake twice.
  • Standards and guidelines that I have to follow are so well thought out that they benefit the overall care process for the patient. Superfluous guidelines will not be imposed on me.
  • My precious efforts will not be misused to solve the consequences of rickety processes, systems and organizations.
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