Improving Healthcare Processes

Can it really be done? How so?

(Virtually) Any healthcare process can be performed in 50 to even 10% of today’s time!

And that with:

  • 50% less work
  • 95% fewer errors or likelihood of errors
  • Higher flexibility
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Without investment

Can this really be done?

One of the first healthcare process improvement projects in 2006 already proved it.

With a Makigami Process Analysis, the process from diagnosis by the Neurologist of “hernia” to surgery (at those days a common solution) of that hernia was reduced from an average of 107 days to less than 14 days!

In doing so, the patient could then choose:

  • on a specific day
  • with a specific doctor
  • – or as soon as possible

How was this done?

healthcare process improving

If you want to go fast, go slow …

… But do the right things!

The Makigami method is very simple and easy to understand.

But you have to get it right.

Take your time and do NOT take shortcuts.

Remember: This is where you design the way you will work for years to come!

Making a Makigami begins with 5 steps:

Step 0: Preparation

Making a Makigami begins with a few simple preparations. How to prepare….

Step 1: Analyze the Current State.

Creating a Makigami Current State Analysis gives the team a 360-degree understanding of the current process. This takes up most of the analysis time. How to make a Current State Analysis…

Step 2: Make a loss analysis

Once the entire process is visualized, every activity and every minute and resource used is scrutinized: Does this really add value or not?? How to make a good Loss Analysis…

Step 3: Design the 'Future State' (New Situation).

Designing a new process can happen surprisingly quickly. The Current State is now truly understood and the loss analysis has revealed what the real value-adding activities are.. How to make an optimal Future State…

Stap 4: Maak een 100 dagen implementatieplan

Om de vaart erin te houden, wordt direct na het ontwerpen van de Future State een plan voor implementatie opgesteld. How to make a 100 Days Plan…

The next steps to make it work to success

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Improving your own healthcare proces and -organisation? We developed a (guaranteed result) blende e-learning course for care professionals:

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Makigami is more than just mapping

The difference between Makigami and Value Stream Maps? 

Makigami is often just used as a process mapping method. In that sense it is far more structured than a normal Value Stream Map. But that is just base portion of the method!

It is a structured approach to detect the real losses

It asks to design a future state process based on loss-elimination

It is designed to be a team activity with 360 degree view on the process

It engages staff from several disciplines, breaking the traditional functional barriers

It invites Team and Leaders to work together

It focuses on what the team needs, to fulfill its daily tasks

Makigami takes a systemic approach: Looking at the Technical system AND the Social system

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