Expert Review of your Makigami Future State Analysis

Get the most out of your analysis: Implement the ultimate new process

Expert Review

Of course every improvement is worth while implementing. But when going through the burden of change; why not do it all the way? Why not implement the ultimate optimal process?

Let an expert Challenge the design before investing in the implementation? It will pay off easily…

No Gain, No Pay!


What can an expert add to your design?

Are all major losses eliminated?

Beginning teams strongly tend to take current situations and solutions for granted. The expert can give you alternatives and challenge the status quo.

Is the process in this way feasible?

Even on a Pink Cloud things need to be doable. Because of his experience, the expert may be able to judge this, or knows to ask the right challeging questions.

Is the process Structurally Correct?

Not always a PSD has been made, so the process may have structural flaws. Ussually they pop up long after implementation when exceptional situations occur. In other words: when you do no have the time to look at your process… An experienced expert will be able to see many of such structures even without making a PSD.

Are any crucial activities forgotten in the 100 Days plan?

The 100 Days implementation plans typically contain many similar topics. The expert knows these and may detect forgotten issues that need to be clarified or executed.

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