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Continuous Improvement Workshops & Support with Result

Makigami Boosterweek Workshops

Highly effective one-week session, leading one to six teams through the Current State to the Future State. While learning  all the tricks and details on a real life process, the result can be implemented immediately.

Continuous Improvement

We provide a wide series of CI workshops and support programmes, tailored to your situation and always with a direct result on you business.

Training on the Job; Life cases, immediate implementation

Makigami Sessions are Teamwork

Systemic (or Holistic) approach

The Makigami Method is a simple and easy to use tool. It takes a completely different approach to support- and administrative organizations.

You will learn a systemic -or if you wish a holistic- view of the organization and its surrounding.

A well performed sessions can be the startpoint to the true next level of successful organizations.

After a successful  one week makigami workshop, the teams proudly present their findings and results.

High Impact – Deep learning – On the Job

Makigami Workshops show Fast, Fundamental and Sustainable Result

 FAST: After long years experience, the enhanced application of the Makigami method results in a deep analyses of the current state and redesign for the future state, within as little as one week.

FUNDAMENTAL: Makigami is about Kaikaku, breakthrough improvement, done with the full support of the involved staff and management.

SUSTAINABLE: The key-persons in the process not only analyse AND redesign the process. They also change it, set new standards and instruct others. This shared ownership for the new process is the basis for a sustainable new way of working.


‘Makigami Boosterweek’ means:

Mapping your current process: learn what really goes on

Although it works, knowbody really knows how. Even when you are ISO/QS certified… Makigami will show: Who does what and when. The participants gain a 360 degree view on the process and understand and identify where the problems are.

The team learns how they influence the process and understand the situation of the others

Up to 6 simultaneous cross functional teams can go through the process. At the end of the week, they present a 100-day implementation plan. The walls between the ‘silos’ become transparent. “I didn’t know that…” and “Why do we do this” are often heard phrases. 

Rigorous chase all losses; not just 'cherry picking'

After gaining a profound insight how the process works in real live, all used resources are scrutinized: “Does this really adds any value, or is it a loss? Why? Can it be done differently?”

Learn to dig deep. Learn to completely redesign the current situation.

This is the most thrilling part! Changing is always difficult; so lets do it right and make the process optimal and future proof!

Makigami Introduction

5 day workshop improving an actual process and teaching the principles of makigami.

The learning-curve is the primary goal; the improvement result is a logical result.

Find out how this concept fits where you are. Solve an actual problem and bring colleagues on board!


New Product Development NPD

5-10 day workshop for fast product development: From idea till working model

Find out how to generate new products in an industrial way, giving creativity the optimal breeding ground.


New Product Introduction NPI

5-10 days workshop Making a working developers model production-ready. 

Find out how to bring industrial reproducible products from development into manufacturing fast and reliable.


Immediate Quotation

5 days workshop: from Request For Quote (RFQ) to Order

A customer oriented approach to manage the funnel form ‘price-orientation’ to ‘Order’.

Find out how to give adequate quotation answers within 24 hrs, without wasting manpower.

Monozukuri Workshops

Makigami will reveal many opportunities for improvement

Here are some commonly requested tools to be used. We train and implement them all. Results are guaranteed.

Have a strong framework before using improvement tools

Most Improvement efforts die early. A profound understanding of what’s behind the tools is essential. 

The vast majority of all processes use less than 5% (!) of the time adding value! This means there is a huge potential for improvement. Use it before the competition does…

Monozukuri Kata Workshops

Learning Continuous Improvement routines: Create 'Muscle Memory'

Find out: What is your True North?

Learning to see your 'Losses'. Knowing your 'Value'. How can you make them visible?

Routines to structurally eliminate your losses.

How do you create speedy processes using 'Flow' concepts?

Find out how to make changes sustainable. What is the value of Standardization?

Have a clear vision on 'Respect for People and Planet'.

What does this all mean for Leadership, Organisation, ... etc.

Monozukuri Introduction

A brief introduction to the fascinating concepts of Monozukuri. Ideal to get your crew on board, or as a kickoff for a wider CI program.

Find out if the concept fits where you are. Bring collegues on board!



Monozukuri Starter

A 3 day program to align top and-or middle management. Takes the crew to the 6 keys of Monozukuri kata, making it practical for the actual situation. 

Find out where you and your team are. Are we fully committed? What will we do? And what will we stop doing? 


Harada - Hoshin Kanri

What is our True North? Which are our Goals? What needs to be done to get there? How to deploy the targets into the organisation?

Find out how a strong goal, cascaded in clear targets, helps to lead the organisation and yourselves through Change!


Leading to Success

2 years program: Leading an organisation to the top.

A systemic approach helping leaders to transform their organisation.

Find out how the impossible can made possible when using the power of team!  

Continuous Improvement Tools

After a Makigami you will see many opportunities for improvement

Here are some commonly requested tools to be used. We train and implement them all. Results are guaranteed.

SMED Pittstop Changover

To create ‘flow’ in a production line, it is crucial to be able to perform fast and reliable change-overs between different products.

Learn to change-over in less then 10 minutes

Push to Pull conversion

Switching off non reliable time- and money consuming  MRP systems and replace them bij Kanban, Fifo and other visual tools also  in complex situations.

Learn the power of visual steering and planning

5S Workplace Organisation

A well organised workplace is the start for professional work. No redundant stuff in the way, everything clean and in it place, deviations immediately visible: that is 5S!

Learn how to create great workplaces where work isn’t a hassle!

Small Group Activity SGA

Bringing the right people together, letting them go through a series of steps allows ANY problem in your organisation to be solved.

All knowledge to solve any problem in your organisation is already present.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Fundamental Improvements Today!

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