Hoshin Kanri – Policy Deployment

What is Hoshin-Kanri (Policy Deployment)

‘In spite of the huge amount of projects
it seems result is lacking’

Almost all top managers have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish with their organization in future years. To transfer this vision into a uniform image for all your management team members is a challenging task. Moreover, it could be that your clear vision may have consequences you were not fully aware of yourself.

Focus and balance in your company’s objectives

Policy Deployment is a method that increases the effectiveness of your organization. It adds focus and balance to the company’s objectives by meeting the needs of all stakeholders such as customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the environment. Policy Deployment limits the number of objectives and improvement projects and prevents internal inconsistencies.

Through a process that strengthens mutual understanding and alignment, Policy Deployment establishes commitment for the company’s objectives and the necessary means. Moreover, these tools are so powerful that you can also use them in the subsequent transfer to the shop floor. All this will result in clarity about everyone’s contribution to the team’s and company’s objectives. At the same time Policy Deployment is an ideal report structure.

Structured approach

Policy Deployment is a structured step by step approach, starting with setting the company’s objectives and ending with the implementation of specific improvement projects on the shop floor.

Policy Deployment (or Hoshin Kanri)
Results of Policy Deployment

Policy Deployment assures you that:

  1. Objectives are unambiguous.
  2. Actions necessary to achieve the objectives are clear.
  3. Each person in the organization knows what his or her contribution will be in achieving the organization’s objectives.
  4. There is insight in whether the progress of improvements is according to schedule or not.
  5. Only projects supporting the objectives are carried out.
  6. Monitoring and adapting the actions is possible, thus ensuring that planned improvements really lead to success.

Policy Deployment (or Hoshin Kanri) Board

Policy Deployment: from vision to reality