What tools can help?

To eliminate losses, here are some tools

Tools to help your Continuous Improvement effort


After making a loss analysis with a Value Stream Map, a Makigami Analysis or measuring OEE, you will discover tons of opportunities for improvement.


The first step is done:

Losses are visible: Now you can fight them:

Make a Plan

Continuous Improvement is not a one-time-job. So make a plan: Where are you heading, what is going to happen. 

The Makigami Analysis always provides a 100 Days Plan.

But it will help if you have a longer term Masterplan, 3, 5 or 10 years are good horizons.

Learning and teaching

Continuously Improving means Leaning and Teaching. What is your strategy? 

Learn about the Japanese learning strategy ‘ShuHaRi’

Losses?? What do you mean?

Losses appear in many form. Is is ANYTHING that does not add any value to your customer or any other stakeholder. 

ALL those lossen can be grouped into the ‘7 deadly losses’

Organising the Workplace

In an organisation, the value is created at the workplace; be it an office, a surgery-room or a factory. 

Having an organised workplace is a basic condition to do a proper job. But how do you organise such a workplace? 

5S is your simple yet highly effective tool!

Having reliable equipment

Factories rely heavily on their manufacturing equipment. Nevertheless this equipment breaks down frequently, produces defective product; it is not reliable. 

How to change this? What if you would have to fly with this machine?…

Learn about Total Productive Manufacturing.