Shingijutsu Shopfloor Kaizen

A Pragmatic approach to Continuous Improvement

What is the core of Shingijutsu Shopfloor Kaizen?

Source: shingijutsu

In the table below we see another example of the Japanese pragmatic approach to structure complex tasks:

What should be taken care of when performing a Shopfloor Kaizen?

 Just like in the 20 Keys model of mr. Kobayashi, we see a line of key-elements and 5 levels that are identified to classify the current status and the next level to proceed to. Simple and effective as a model, however not easy to perform!

To go through a program like this takes years, even with a very good ‘sensei’ at your hand.

The good news is: Shingijutsu has some of the best Sensei’s on board!

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