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Fundamental Improvement: Online workshop with live Guidance
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Care Pathway – Manufacturing- Supply Chain

Process Improvement with your own team in 7 Steps using Makigami

On the Job, 1:1 Facilitator Training: Train the Trainer

This 7 Steps Makigami Process Improvement Course takes you step-by-step to:

at least 50% LEAD TIME REDUCTION, as well as LESS ERRORS and MORE VALUE.

With Guaranteed Result.

making a makigami

The Result we Guarantee:

If you follow the instructions, your process/pathway will be far more faster, more reliable, more transparent and predictable and most of all: lesser of a burden.

However: If the you do not manage to design a process that has:

  • 50% lead time reduction, and/or:
  • 50% less transfers and/or:
  • 50% less output-errors and/or:
  • 50% more value-time

You will receive free guidance to find out what went wrong and how to correct this in order to achieve the result!

For Whom is it?

  1. Your organization needs fundamental improvements: At least ‘halving or doubling’.
  2. You have a management that is supportive to improvement: thus Change!
  3. You can spent a couple of days to work focussed: having a team of 5 to 7 people involved in the process
  4. You are/have a ‘facilitator’ that can guide the team through the 7 steps.
  5. You are willing to learn.
  6. You have the discipline to go the path until the result is there. (… And I’ll be there for you!)

What will you learn?

  • Techniques to visualize the non-visible things in your processes;
  • A way of looking, thinking and deciding, far different from what you have been used to;
  • A design practice and rules to develop smooth, solid, easy to understand and value adding processes.

What problem will it solve?

  1. Having no budget for- or access to a good external facilitator: You use your own facilitator that uses the knowledge of the expert
  2. Having not enough knowledge or confidence to do it alone. The course gives a detailed step by step explanation what to do. In case of getting stuck there is a backup.
  3. Not willing to take the risk of making big mistakes without knowing it. When you do as instructed, chances for big mistakes are small. However: You can ask for an expert review if that makes you feel more comfortable AND this might give you an extra boost!

The 6 Results you will achieve

Issue Improvement
Lead-time 50% – 90% less Lead Time for the client/patient
Transfers 90% less interfaces between people/departments
Output errors 90% – 100% less output that doesn’t meet its specifications
Value added time Non-Value Adding time can be replaced with new Value Adding time wherever possible: If the time stays the same, quality of output goes drastically up.
For the same output, the VA time sometimes can go down 25% or more.
Team Coherence The cooperation between the team members will dramatically improve: The mutual understanding and the involvement in the creation of the new process tends to achieve often miracles.
Cost Time you do not spent on Non Value Adding activities does not need to be paid. Depending the process, the same or better output can be achieved against 10-70% less cost.

The 7 Activities to Plan

Learning by doing means: you will have to invest time to learn and prepare and time to do. You will receive a guideline for your planning. Here is a summary:


Activity Moment Work
0. Preparation & Schedule dates Start minus 6 weeks 2 Hrs
1. Current State Analysis Start 2,5 days
2. Loss Analysis Start plus 2,5 days 1 days
4. Future State design Start plus 3,5 days 0,5-1 day
3. 100Days Plan Start plus 4-4,5 days 0,5 day
4. Implementation 100 days depending the needs
5. Evaluation Start plus 150 days 1 day
6. Standardization Start plus 100-150 days depending the needs

What you may and may not do with this course

All material on this site and in the course is the copyright of Arno Koch. You may use the course to analyze and optimize one process, in order to learn how Makigami works and how powerful it is.

However, taking this course does not allow you to:

  • copy any of the content
  • modify and/or reuse the content
  • (re)distribute the content

without previous written consent of the autor.

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