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Implement OEE in 8 Steps for real improvement

How to make OEE work right

Guided Workshop

How to implement OEE in 8 steps, making ALL losses on your equipment visible AND engage the shopfloor in continuously improving the effectiveness of the machines.

Believe it or not, in most factories every single machine operates alongside an identical hidden machine. The art is to make this hidden machine visible and to use it. This book offers you the key with which to do just that.

What is OEE?

OEE is a balanced, two sided measurement instrument for measuring and visualizing not only the effectiveness of the machine, but above all the loss of effectiveness of the system.

The reference point for all of this is the theoretical maximum: when the system would constantly run at theoretical maximum speed with only good output.

This approach is fundamentally different from the usual measurement methods and gives a completely new picture of the system.

The aim of the instrument is to show the shop floor team all the effectiveness losses of the system, so that they will be able to constantly and structurally eliminate all losses.

OEE is therefore a basic instrument for improvement programs such as TPM, Lean or Six Sigma.

‘OEE’ is the measuring instrument, the language, with which this is being measured and made visible. Most important: it serves as a common language between all parties involved.

What will you learn?

This course teaches an approach for learning how to identify opportunities in your factory for making more quality product at the right time using less effort.

Key is how to involve all parties in the most effective way.

For whom is this course intended?

Operators, mechanics and team leaders can get started on revealing the hidden machines straight right away. If we want to effectively use the capacity of these machines, then everyone who is involved with the machine in any way must take part in its improvement.

Management and staff services that wish to find out what is possible and how it all works, but especially what they need to contribute to effective production, will find the necessary tools in this book.

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