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High Impact E-Learning Courses with Guaranteed Result
Team members making a makigami analysis

Makigami 7 steps Process Improvement

This 'cook-book' style course takes you step by step through the steps to make a highly valuable Makigami Analysis.
You will get all the practical information you'll need to get fundamental improvements. Result Guaranteed!
Fee: € 4990,- Result Guaranteed!

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Monozukuri Kata

6 Keys of Monozukuri

Guiding principles and golden rules for everyone involved in operations and continuous improvement. The knowledge brought together in this course makes the 'Toyota DNA' tangible and applicable.

In preparation
oee in 8 steps

OEE in 8 Steps

High Impact guided OEE implementation in 8 Steps.
How to set it up? How to engage the crew? How to fit it in Continuous Improvement?

Course is In Preparation!

In preparation
lean management on the shopfloor

Effective Lean Management

What is the difference between 'Leadership', 'Management' and 'Lean Management'? And what makes a Lean Manager? Learn it here!

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