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The Makigami.info Website is designed and written by Arno Koch and proudly supported by Makigami BV, offices in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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I had the privilege and honor to learn from the best teachers a student can wish. It is my obligation to them, to pass on the foundation they gave me.

My students taught me what needs to be teached.


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All content of this site is the intellectual property of it’s autor; Arno Koch. It is written with the intent to help you in your effort for improvements, based on long years of experience and his best knowledge. However his opinions, statements, conclusions and guidelines are his personal view. When you are in the Shu stage (ShuHaRi): Do as it says and learn from it. Are you in the Ha stage: Question it until you really understand. Only then, go to the Ri stage and try to improve it. You are explicitly invited to question and challenge his learnings until you are able to do it better.

This Website is designed and written by Arno Koch and proudly supported by Makigami BV in the Netherlands.

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