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Being Excellent is just no longer good enough!

Who was excellent yesterday can be out of date tomorrow….
Because ‘excellence’ is improving every day!

It is our challenge to become excellent in improving.
Only those who can improve faster than the changing environment, can become excellent and stay excellent!
This site wants to give you a platform to put questions and find answers.

Remember the ‘excellent companies’ in this book?

Where are they today?

Six Sigma:

Originates from the US based Motorola en was further developed and applied by General Electric.
Its core lies in the elimination of deviation in quality of output. Read: What is Six Sigma?

Lean Manufacturing:

Initially ‘invented’ by Prof. Womack (US) and Prof. Jones (UK) based on their observations in the automotive industries. Basically it is a Western ‘translation’ of the Toyota Production System.
Its core lies in the creation of flow in the value stream. Read: What is Lean Manufacturing?

Toyota Production System (TPS)

Toyota’s way to handle productivity in their automotive plants and its suppliers.
The Japanese source for ‘lean manufacturing’.
Its core lies in creating balance and harmony in every element of the (production) system.

Total Productive Maintenance/Manufacturing (TPM)

Japan Institute for Plant Maintenance. JIPM’s structured approach of the shopfloor in 4 (later 8) Pillars.
Its core lies in the total reliability and availability of the equipment in the factory. In later versions also process improvement (flow) was added. Can be considered as one of the basics of TPS. Read: What is TPM?

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Michael Hammers’ (US) answer to complexity in business processes.
Based on eliminating complexity and applying automation.
Its core lies in fundamental change of business processes. Read: What is BPR?

EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management)

Classical Western non prescriptive model based on nine criteria.
Its core lies in assessing an organisation’s progress towards excellence, looking at Results, Approach, Deployment, Assessment and Review.

World Class Manufacturing (WCM) – Performance (WCP)

First used by Richard Schönberger in 1986. attempting to theoretically combine several earlier improvement strategies.
Its core lies in the idea that all the earlier mentioned approaches should be united and performance should be achieved through quality, reliability flow and cost improvement. Read: What is WCM?



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